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Our mission is to provide a buffet of knowledge and recipes focused on invasive species, those organisms which have been relocated around the world, causing environmental and economic damage to their new surroundings. The word “invasivore” comes from combining “Invasive Species” with the latin for “devour” as in “carnivore”. Thus, invasivore = one who eats invasive species.

Of course, the reality is more complicated than “if you can’t beat ‘em, eat ‘em!” and we explore the many dimensions of this issue in ways we hope will surprise you... and your taste buds. Our organizing principle is that education and awareness can decrease the impacts of biological invasions by controlling existing populations and preventing new introductions.

At the center of our approach are recipes proudly featuring invasive species. But that’s not all; we also feature exposition and commentary on related topics such as species’ profiles, histories and cultural significance, harvesting tips, interviews with invasivores at large, and summaries of relevant scientific research. We also round-up the latest news and other media about invasive species in #InvasiveBites to keep our readers informed.

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