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Invasion Bites!

As we re-launch, we are excited to introduce a new forum for occasional roundups of invasive species news and notes from around the internet: Invasion Bites!

This name reflects several aspects of what we hope to accomplish.

First, we aim to provide a buffet of knowledge not only about consuming invasive species but also about biological invasions in general. Thus, Invasion Bites will provide short highlights of interesting and educational stories about all topics invasive species.

Second, one meaning of 'bite' is to sample or borrow. In Invasion Bites, we will highlight the work of others and provide links to great content around the internet.

Finally, another definition of something that 'bites' is something that is unfortunate or undesirable, and we truly believe that Invasion Bites! Our goal is to promote knowledge, control, and even prevention of biological invasions.

So, we hope you will enjoy the Invasion Bites we serve from time to time. We will tag posts here and on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #InvasionBites. And we would love to make it a potluck! We encourage you to tag us and use the hashtag when you find any stories that should be added to the menu!

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